Talent Contest!

Read This Page And Vote For your Favourite!
There Will Be A Chance To See All The Entrants In The Green Room Afterwards, To Aid Your Choice.

Please give the images and sound time to load.

and welcome to the first annual Cartoon Talent Contest!!!!

To Set Us Off We Have the world Famous
'Cool Spots'!

'Aint They Just So cool? But Will They win?

Next Up Is The Energetic Cats!

Were They good For You?

Will The Next Contestants Have Your Vote?

Bring On The Hamsters From Sussex!

Look At 'Em Go!

Who's Next?

Oh My God!

My Hero! Felix!

He Gets My Vote Any day! Gasp!

Taz The Man, Eater That Is, Comes Next.

Will Can-Caning Skeletons Get Your Vote?




Look Who's Next.

Tonight Matthew I'm Going To The Fat One From Los Del Rio!

Hey Macarena!

Last Few Entries!

Feel Happy?

I do!

Now For A Stupid Puppy!

Now you've Seen That Dog,

That's Your Lot!

Who Ya Gonna Choose?

Here Is The Green Room To Help You!

Green Room

1) Cool Spots.
2) Energetic Cats.
3) The Sussex Hamsters.
4) The Almighty Felix.
5) Taz.
6) The Can-can Skeletons.
7) Macarena Dancing Maceroni.
8) The Dancing Pikacucas.
9) Smiling Faces.
10) Puppy Dog.

Cast Your Votes Now!

1) 2) 3) 4) 5)
6) 7) 8) 9) 10)